About Me

My life in guitars...

My life has always involved guitars.  My first memories are crawling towards my Dad's old acoustic and running my fingers over the strings.  I put  my ear towards the sound hole and was mesmerised by the resonance of the noise!  Since then my love for the instrument has grown and I was privileged to spend time with my Grandfather in his workshop whilst he was crafting anything from bespoke furniture to stringed instruments.  This inspired me to want to learn the craft and set up my own bespoke guitar workshop.

Bespoke crafting

Every guitar I make is built to unique specifications.  I work with a variety of exotic woods to create a truly special instrument.  Each wood gives differet tonal qualities which I can advise you on.  I can also provide a build which is unique to you - including different dimensions to your specifications.  I offer various oil finishes or French polish which allows the wood to breathe and will give your instrument better tone and resonance.

Your choices...
  • Type of exotic wood

  • Body style

  • Bolt on neck or neck through

  • Headstock style

  • Fret scale lengths

  • Fretboard radius

  • Neck thickness

  • Wiring and pickups

  • Finish (Oil or French polish)

Handmade custom guitars
Your choice of Wood & Design
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